Welcome, designers! This page is where you will find links to design tools I love and sites that provide information on standards and sizing, as well as some information on how you can use Fit’nilla for grading sock patterns.

More information will be added soon…a work in progress.

Fit ‘nilla

What is Fit ‘nilla and how can it help me?

Fit ‘nilla is a vanilla sock pattern generator. You can enter specific measurements or load standard measurements (as shown in the sock sizing tables further down on this page). Additionally, you can enter ease preferences and gauge (for use with any weight yarn). Once the pattern is generated, it will show an estimate on yarn for a crew-length stockinette sock. The resulting pattern can be used for a 4 stitch count pattern if you wish to add, but other stitch patterns will likely require some adjustments. It will get you close though, without having to pay someone to grade your patterns for you. Fit ‘nilla can be found on Ravelry here.

For more information and a peek at the pattern input form, take a look at the Fit ‘nilla User Guide.

Software Tools

Chart Creation:  Stitch Mastery, EnvisioKnit (I use this one)

PDF Editing: PDF XChange Editor – This (free) PDF editor is great. It has lots of tools that would be great for a tech editor (which I did consider doing, but changed my mind), but is also great for geeky designers that want to add some JavaScript to their patterns (like my Fit ‘nilla socks pattern).

Video Editing: VSDC – Free video editing software! 

Email Signature: WiseStamp – Integrates nicely with gmail.

Standards, Sizing, etc.

Craft Yarn Council – This site has tons of info about sizing, yarn weights, needle sizes, knitting and crochet terms, and much, much more.

FFD Sock Sizing Charts

Below are 2 charts with the measurements used for a guide in developing my sock knitting patterns. One is in cm and the other in inches.