Hi, it is a pleasure to have you here at FiberFrosting Designs. This little knitting design adventure is the creative outlet of a retired software developer that loves the outdoors and many fiber crafts including knitting, crochet, nålbinding, spinning, and sewing.

My name is Naomi and I am that retired software developer. I am an avid sock knitter, but also dabble in other garments and household items. I have only designed a few patterns so far, and will be working on some tutorials to support those patterns and others. As they are completed, they will be located in the Skill Center.

If you are a knitter, there are a few unique patterns you might like in the Knitters’ Knook. This is also where you will find links to any test knits going on. Or you can hop to the patterns now on LoveCrafts or Ravelry.

The Designers’ Den is where I share information from around the web that designers might be interested in. There is also information about Fit ‘nilla, a vanilla sock pattern generator I developed to help me to grade my sock patterns.

Thanks for stopping by!